Wp Blog Mass Deploy Tool

Wp Blog Mass Deploy Tool

Goal: Scripts that take a fresh domain, install a blog on it, and configure that blog in a specific way from a remote configuration. This would eventually be used 100’s, to 1000’s of times for clients.

In a Secure fashion:
– have it create a valid unique database for the blog
– have it install/synchronize the version of wordpress from a central location (e.g. S3)
– install/synchronize the from a centralized location (e.g. S3)
– install/synchronize the themes from a centralized location (e.g. S3)
– configure the plugins (e.g. all in one seo’s settings)
– accept a configuration tree of keyword, turn this into the blog title, blog description and the blog categories and default tags
– setup some required pages (contact us, about us, terms of service) with copy from a centralized place

It can be a server side script and or wordpress plugin.
A somewhat similar product would be SimpleScripts or WP Cloner.

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