Wp Article Spinner Plugin

Wp Article Spinner Plugin

I need a plugin created for wordpress that will spin articles and auto post them to a blog category. The plugin would function like this:

Step 1. An article is entered into the plugin’s add new post page, sentence by sentence. Each sentence entered will have 9 alternate variations of each sentence that may be added. (if all 9 additional variations are not used, the script will use only those provided)

Step 2. After all sentence variations for the entire article are entered, the admin would then select a category for the spun articles to post in. (the add new post page should allow for up to 100 master sentences, each with 9 variations to be added) The frequency that spun articles are auto published and added to each category should be set in the plugin’s control panel.

Step 3. Publish the first spun post immediately. The plugin will create each new article by randomly selecting one variation from the 10 sentence variations entered to replace each sentence and publish the spun articles according to frequency specified in plugin control panel(ie. every 4 days). The 1st sentence should be labeled master, then 1-9 additional variations of the same sentence. The spinner must use only those sentences contained within each group master-9.

This plugin must be compatible with the newest stable version of WordPress.

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