WordPress Plugin Previous Po 2

WordPress Plugin Previous Po 2

Hello coders,

I am looking to create a WordPress plugin to show on my sidebar my Previous Posts (not Recent Posts, but Previous Posts).

The idea is to create a plugin with a simple dashboard listing all the posts written on the blog so far, so I can select their “virtual sequential order”, so once I select their sequential order and I activate the plugin, on the sidebar of my blog I will see list of “previous posts” as per that virtual order.

For example: let’s imagine I have four posts on my blog. If I navigate to post #3, on the sidebar I will find links to post #2 and post #1.

On the dashboard, I should also be able to edit the name of the link, meaning the name of the post. And also I should be able to tick some posts as “do not show” in case I want some specific posts to not be listed on the sidebar.

That’s all guys, as you can see it’s a very simple plugin. Basically, I just want to create a virtual sequential order for my posts so I can define my Previous Post list on the sidebar.

I look forward your bids!

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