Plugin For WordPress – Events

Plugin For WordPress – Events
We would like a new wordpress plugin that does the following:

A plugin that allows us to list seminars, and allows visitors to build of a list of those seminars they wish to attend. That list is then exportable. See below for more details:

Backend Brief:
Allows the administrator to add a list of “Seminars” with the Seminar Name, a link to the speaker (who will have a wp account), a description of the seminar, a category, and a date, time and location it will be on for. And an optional space for a end time that calculates the duration.

Frontend Brief:

Allows anyone to view a list of all the seminars. They can filter the list by speaker, by category and by date etc.

If a user is registered and logs in a new button will appear that allows them to add that Seminar to their “Day Planner”.

The day planner should show a list of all the seminars in date order grouped by days that they are going to.

It must then have an iCal export option, and possibly add to Google Calendar if thats easy enough?

Other notes:

It would be great if AJAX could be used similar to the widget section of wordpress where seminars can be dragged into a “Diary Space” Also seminars could appear on the admin back end in a calendar format with the option to drag them around to change the times. This is a nice to have and if you have code that can enable this then please let me know in your bid.


Please note, this MUST be a wordpress plugin. All copyright to any coding you do on this project is handed to us and by bidding on this project you agree to this term.

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