Flash Work For Web Sites 2

Flash Work For Web Sites 2
All together there are 3 flash work requirements.

1st requirement: Intro Flash Page (landing page) with enter sign to go to home page.

We are attaching 5 pictures so that you can see what we like to see in the flash.

2nd Requirement: Widescreen flash headers. We like to create flash header with Aum Sign, hindu, Seikh and Buddha gods pictures on the left side of the header. For the right side we would like the website name and contact info. Pixel height 160. Length: Stretchable widescreen format.

3rd Requirement: Flash header for WordPress Header. This header is for an accounting and tax consulting company. Width 960 pixel, Height 140

I know you might have questions and I can answer all your questions before proceeding with the project.

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