WordPress Plugin Design

WordPress Plugin Design
It is an autoblog plugin it is in final but need development for 2.0 which will add the ability to have yahoo answers as comments. the ability to turn on or off the powered by yahoo answers logo.

The ability to upload a zip of PLR and have it post.

More security features of the plugin.

Refinement of the code. Make the code faster cleaner and Less likely to be hacked, stolen, or nulled.

Ability to at a click of a button add an amazon feed based on your amazon associates id *for income* Based on keywords added to each post.

Click button Ebay feed added to every post based on your keywords and your EPN id. Click button feature.

Ability to add a clickbank feed to each article based on keywords and your affiliate ID

Abilities so far
So far it pulls from article directories.
Pulls from youtube..
Allows custom HTML to be inserted in the post.
Post photo from flicker

Not much right now but will be more in the future this is a reoccurring job. I will need updates and such on a usual basis. so if you bid over 100 dollars it is above my means right now. Yet in the future that will be easy enough accomplish.

MUST know wordpress very very well and scripting with wordpress.
MUST realize that payment will not be much at first but the longer you are with me the more you will get paid as the longer I am in business the more I can make and I believe in sharing my incomes with those who helped me to earn it.

Maximum bid I can except is 200.00 so please bid accordingly

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