Copywriting Job

Copywriting Job
I need someone to write UNIQUE content for me. Although I do not require native English speaker, English must be PERFECT! Here is what I need in detail:

1. I will need 18 articles with 500-700 words each and 1 professional press release about my website.

2. 8 of those articles will serve as website content (pages), 5 others will be in e-mail newsletters and final 5 will serve as promotional material.

3. Content articles and promotional articles must be keyword targeted, while keyword targeting is not necessary for e-mail newsletter articles.

4. I would prefer if you had SEO experience, as I may require some keywords advice. Please mention this in your bid.

5. The theme I require you to write about is “Russian Brides”. Therefore the main keyword for articles will be “russian brides”. Other (secondary) keywords you can use are: “mail order brides”, “russian women”, “dating russian”, “russian wife”, “russian marriage”.

6. In short I will use wordpress platform for publishing this content. As for the content articles, the first article will be “About me”. You will create fictional character (male or Russian female) with their story and experience regarding Russian ladies and why they decided to create this website and how they wish to help people find Russian brides and avoid getting scammed.

The rest 7 articles will serve as an interesting keyword rich content. The last 2-3 keyword rich articles should have single goal – to entice reader to sign up for a free e-mail newsletter. Here is an example of how I wish this to look like: rapid-weight-loss [dot] net

7. E-mail newsletter articles should be focused on dating scams with advices on how to recognize them & avoid. They should point out and entice reader to join several (3-5) dating websites I will provide later.

8. Articles required for promotion should be keyword rich and you can include more keyword or focus on one other than my main keyword. The quality of articles must be sufficient enough to be accepted on Ezine Articles (I have Platinum account).

9. Press release must be written professionally and will serve to announce my website. I don’t require submission services, but if you offer them, let me know and maybe we can make some arrangements.

10. You must provide me with examples of your previous work to be considered for this job! It would be great if you could provide raw work of what I need.

11. I am willing to pay for QUALITY – therefore I will not accept JUNK articles written in less than 5 minutes!!! Articles must be researched and written well and provoke interest in readers. Articles must also call them to action.

12. Please bid only if you can meet ALL of my requirements and provide what I need. I will not consider bidders that won’t bother even to read my requirements.

PAYMENT: Scriptlance Escrow

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