Php Changes To WordPress The 2

Php Changes To WordPress The 2
1. I have a custom wordpress theme that I want tweaked a little bit. Right now there is a form that goes to login page if user is logged out and destination page if they are logged in. I want to changes this a bit to always go to destination page and then once they click to submit form ask them to login or signup.

2. I also have a widget already for this form that I want to be placed on other sites. If form is submitted from the widget on someone’s site, post in database reflects that with id field. This id field will be entered by user in custom user area already built.

Thats pretty much it. This should be a breeze for developers familiar with wordpress and php. This shouldn’t take too long and I have complete detailed instructions and complete widget code and css.

PM me with some information about yourself.

I want to get this done ASAP and will pay immediately.

Thank you!

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