Q & A Manager Script

Q & A Manager Script
This is a PHP5 script to be made.

Overall Idea:

My website will have a questionaire. A person can go through the questionaire answering questions. Eventually the questionaire will be done and some advice will be shown to the user. The advice would be taylored specifically to what the person had answered in the questionaire.

The questions and answers are on what looks like a “card”. The questions and answers the person answered are shown in a downward file, much like a cards in a stack. This makes it easier for a person to go back into the “stack of cards” and
change a previous question’s answer and continue off on another path of different questions and answers.


The purpose of having this script made is to have a unique and flexible new way to answer (many) questions on my site that may branch out to even more specific questions based on what answers are chosen. I will continuously update this sequence of
questions and answers and so I need a quick and easy way of managing the structures and all updating involved.

Other Requirements:
– This PHP script should consist of at least 3 main pages; Admin Panel, Main, Results.
– This is a PHP script written in the most reletively recent version of PHP5.
– This PHP script will need to be 100% compatable with the wordpress plugin “exec-php”. It allows PHP scripts to be shown in Word Press.
– This PHP script will need to be able to be executed on its own, or can be included into a page.
– This script contains a TreeList looking box in the admin panel. I intend to use TreeView from www.treeview.net . It uses Javascript and will help display the TreeList.
You can develop using the free version, though I plan to purchase the full version when a working version of this script is done. Any other suggestions welcome.
– This PHP MUST BE WELL COMMENTED so that I can loosely tell what the functions, statements, and anything unusual does. The idea should be so that a novince can look at the bodies of code and tell what it will be doing.
– MySQL can by used if it makes it easier and more practical for some features, otherwise it doesn’t matter.

Please check the attachment “details.zip” for more very specific details.

If you know of any scripts that already do similar please let me know. Any good ideas or improvements to this project, let me know.

Thank you!

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