WordPress Plug-in

WordPress Plug-in
We have a site for local businesses that allows the business owners to offer coupons to their registered members. I was originally intending to just have a PDF file that the member could print when they wanted to use the coupon. However, in talking with one of our new business owners, one of his questions prompted me to realize that we needed to have some type of expiration on the coupon.

Instead of going in every month and changing the expiration date, I would love for it to be a variable that could be changed to set the expiration a set number of days from the print date. For example, today is the 7th. If someone prints a coupon from a certain page of the site, and that coupon has a time expiration of 7 days, then the coupon would print with an expiration date of the 14th. However, on another page, I’d like to be able to print a separate coupon that may have an expiration of 3 days or 30 days, or even 300 days. I’d like for the expiration date to be variable based upon the choice for each specific coupon. The coupon itself would be a file (possibly an image file or even a PDF file) that we would load into a certain spot for each offer and the offer may change from time to time. Then the member could click the same link on the page and get the currently offered coupon.

I was looking at using the VoucherPress PlugIn (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/voucherpress/) but every time I tried to use it, my server crashed. I finally gave up – besides, it didn’t have the variable expiration date. I was willing to work with that on a temporary basis, but if it doesn’t run, then it’s worthless to me. I did like the idea that it printed as a PDF file and that it had templates, but as I said, the template idea is not really the important thing to me. I’d really like to be able to print a “Print Date” and an “Expiration Date” on whatever we print AND I’d like to be able to change the expiration parameters multiple times in the same site – not a set expiration date or number of days for the whole site.

Thanks for reviewing.

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