Test Job (logo Design)

Test Job (logo Design)

I’m looking for someone who I will use as my main designer for all my future projects.

This person has to be someone who is an excellent designer, competent with the web 2.0 way of doing design, can design sites in wordpress among other ones, is hardworking, loves challenging work, sticks to deadlines and communicates with me frequently.

This is a test project to weed out the excusers from the real deal, and to work with only those who really want fun&challenging work and a long term relationship.

I will select multiple winners and pay everyone who completes the work to my specifications by the deadline, so keep your bids as low as you can so that I can add you in the winners and see you in action.


For this test project I want one Logo created.


The logo specifications will be sent to you as soon as I choose you a winner.

I am very prompt with payment, and clear with communication and detailed in what I expect, I need the same level of seriousness on your part.


3 to max 6 days

As soon as I choose you as a winner, I will send you the project details. I will expect the first design in 24 hours. I will then give you feedback. When you receive my feedback you will have entered the second 24 hours.

There will not be any more than 3 feedback/changes, unless what you provided me is totally not like what I asked for.

As long as I am on time with my replies we will get this handled in 3x24hours = 3 days. I will extend your deadline if I am late in replying. (which is why I wrote, 6 days max. above.)

Further Information

When posting to this bid, please provide:

A sample of your design work that is 100% original and done by you. (I will check this throughly and research further to clarify if it is your work.)

And answer these questions for me:

Are you willing and able to do more work once this project is complete? (I will have an optin page design immediately after this and a website design(wordpress) right after that.)

Have you worked with WordPress before? (What are some examples of your work)

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