Moving Sites To New Vps

Moving Sites To New Vps
I own a series of websites that are currently hosted on VPS cpanel/WHM server with I have had my hosting with this company for about 6-7 years now. My hosting company is offering newer VPS packages on different servers. I order to take advantage of these newer servers, all my sites need to be moved to new VPS server. I need an experienced tech. to perform the tasks involved in this move for me.

I will need someone who is experienced in working with VPS servers and is aware of all the settings and configurations involved in transferring these sites over. I will need someone who understands how to back-up and properly move all these websites’ files, databases, e-mails, e-mail settings, and server settings over to the new VPS. This person will look through my server’s settings, domain DNS settings, website files, scripts, and databases before working to understand how these sites and accounts are setup.

This person will also need walk me through the process and keep me apprised of what is going on, letting me know when important changes will be made, when switches to the domain’s DNS settings are being made, and let me know when to shut down forums and to avoid changes before the transfer. I will need this transfer to go flawlessly. Extended downtime and any of the sites not functioning for any period of time is unacceptable. This transition must go smooth.

A little bit about the sites/accounts on my VPS server.

• -I have six different accounts setup for all of the sites on the VPS right now. They are all assigned different IP addresses on my VPS. One of the sites has two addon domains with additional sites under them in sub directories. I will need all my IP addresses to correspond to each site when they are moves.

• There is an active vbulletin forum on one of these sites. This same site has additional php scripts that use databases. I also have a coder currently developing another script using Tomcat/Java as well as the databases. This is a heavy traffic site with a community in these forums. Downtime is not an option.

• Almost all of these sites have newsletter cgi scripts installed that allows people to subscribe to a newsletter list. I have thousands of people on these lists right now. These scripts allow me to use the server’s email server to send out a daily newsletters to the entire lists on each sites script. All these scripts must work properly when the sites are move to the new server.

• Several of the sites have ecommerce payment systems which allow subscription purchases by clickbank and paypal. It is vital that these scripts are not down AT ALL as this means losing customers and business.

• Two of these sites have wordpress blogs installed.

• I am using Thunderbird for the mail accounts on this new server. All my mail and my mail settings must be transferred over and working exactly as it is on the current server.

• The domains and DNS settings panel for all the domains are with another company.

I am not entirely sure what has to be done with my domains, but I believe my VPS has it’s own namesserver where I am pointing the domains to. The tech who I hired will be responsible for looking at these settings as well as all the sites files, scripts, and databases prior to starting any transferring.

These sites are established and have high traffic. These sites have lots of different php, cgi, & Tomcat scripts installed. The person that I hire for this job will need to go over my sites to make sure this move to the new VPS goes completely seamless with no downtime. We will also have to make the DNS switch and make this move on an agreed date and time where my business and traffic is at its slowest possible time and the hired tech is available to work.

I will need this new VPS to be configured properly at the same time getting all my sites and scripts functioning on the new server exactly the way they were on the old server. Again, I need this done with no downtime. I will need all my scripts, databases, blogs, and forum, all running as it was on the old server once this move is complete. (Please include the words “ACCVPSMOVE” with your bid to confirm that the bidder has read the enire project description before bidding)

I will also need the VPS server’s setting to be properly configured using basic DNS protocol as far as the mail server goes and the email setting. I don’t want any errors if a DNS check were to be performed on my site’s IP and domain.

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