WordPress Site Development

WordPress Site Development
I have a site wireframed out, and am looking to have it designed and developed in WordPress. I am looking for a few developers who I can speak with and then send you my wireframe to get a quoite. Please provide links to sites you have developed, and a resume. Please also tell me where you are located – i am willing to work with someone outside of the NYC area, but please tell me where you are.

Here are the challenges as I see them:
I want the site to have between 7-10 templates (includes the blog section of the site).
I would like to have it so I can enter new pages and have them displayed in a category level page (video site list page) and then when someone clicks through they pull up the detail page about the site.
I want to be able to make some new pages fairly easily.
Want to have a forum and a blog all under one account.
Will be incorporating affiliate links etc, and some advertisement space.

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