WordPress Website Layout 2

WordPress Website Layout 2
Wordpress website layout and design and programming.

Job Scope: I’m launching the first of four related and linked businesses and need the first website created. The category is Professional Services.

My Target Clients are High-end international corporations. Which means my site MUST look high-end and professional (easy to read with lots of “white space”).

Background info: I have a great deal of respect for programmers and a long term appreciation for designers. If you’re good at your job you’ll love to have me as a client. I pay well and fast and I’m respectful of your work.

Job Overview

I want the homepage to look like a website, not a blog. So Let’s blow out the Homepage Width from the “standard” bloggy 960 pixel and move to 1024 pixel minimum or “full-width” if you advise.

Header Height: I like this www.studiopress.com/demo/corporate.html header height and also the size of the Navigation

Header Content: I like www.imaginepub.com for how they skew the tagline off-center from under the name. And I like the social media icons in the otherwise-vacant-space to the right

Homepage Layout Suggestion(s):

Homepage Elements: From top of page to bottom—I prefer (a) header with name of website (Sizzle.com) and tagline (content marketing that ignites your sales) and icons (email, rss, twitter, phone).

Then the navigation bar appearing horizontally with Home, Blog, Services, About, Connect and then my 10-digit phone number

Then I hope to have a slideshow box like this: www.studiopress.com/demo/corporate.html that reads in large type: “More Leads, Bigger Sales, Greater Revenues.” Then in smaller type: “To discover more click here.”

Then a text box (again like this: www.studiopress.com/demo/corporate.html)

Under all that we move to a two-column layout with side-by-side content boxes: “Latest Post” and a “Featured Article” similar to www.studiopress.com/demo/corporate.html

The sidebar will include (1) an “ezine sign-up form” (2) a “Twitter Updates” box, (3) a categories ‘tag cloud’ box, (4) Archive

I’m also interested in learning if (and how) you can incorporate my past-clients’ logos on to the homepage. Clients include: Progress Energy, Prudential WCI Realty, Staples, American Funds, Centex Homes, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Fuji Film, BizJournals, ABC News, Gannett, Carbite Golf, YUM Brands.

Footer: Once again, look at www.imaginepub.com for inspiration. I want to include my address, phone, fax, email, and copyright. And then columns for: Services, Portfolio, About, FAQs, Blog, Connect, Diabetes Research Institute

Reference Sites: My industry, and potential partner, sites include: www.sales2.com, www.hubspot.com, blog.junta42.com, www.imaginepub.com,

I also have a small photoshop job. Please let me know if you’re capable in photo manipulation, too.

To bid on this project you:

Must have 20 or more Scriptlance reviews to be considered.

Must read the job requirements completely and submit a proposal that addresses ALL elements.

Must submit samples of similar projects completed to be considered.

If you can design in HeadwayThemes or Thesis or StudioPress please let me know.

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