WordPress Autoresponder Plugin

WordPress Autoresponder Plugin
Need someone to do a wordpress plugin.

It’s wordpress auto responder that is built on top of wordpress.
I want features similar to http://freeautoresponder.biz

There will be two version the free and paid versions.

Additional Features I want in the plugin
– File Attachment Extension
– Broadcast (by) Date Extension
– List Cleaning Extension
– Link Tracking – Cloaking
– Detail log charts just like Aweber showing the clicks for each broadcast and know who open it.

Here are the main features it should have below, I have the wordpress plugin with me already… so you guys dont have to work from scratch
but it must have a total different layout and file names and codes ..

Fully Integrated with WordPress.

Double Opt-In Subscription Process.

IMPORT, EXPORT, & COPY. <= Only With Pro Version

Subscription Form Widgets.

Compose & Send Messages in HTML.

Mass-Mailer Messaging System.

Stores the IP & Time of Confirmation.

CAPTCHA Submission Verification. <= Only With Pro Version

Capture More Info from Subscribers. <= Only With Pro Version

Create MULTIPLE Autoresponder Lists. <= Only With Pro Version

Schedule a Year of Daily Messages. <= Only With Pro Version

Intelligent Automated Mail-Queue. <= Only With Pro Version

Mail Logs available for export. <= Only With Pro Version

Auto Unsubscribe Link and Footer.

Multi-Port SMTP Mailer or local mail(). <= Only With Pro Version

External Results Pages for each step.

Subscription Form TinyMCE HTML Editor

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