Website Subdomain Script

Website Subdomain Script
I want to give all members of my website a unique url for easy navigation with the format:
(Please Note:This is an example, my website is not

I already have the website(built with PHP and MYSQL), the only aspect I require work on is the subdomain name script. My website has the initial standard steps where members fill in a form for registration where they would enter their username.
As of the moment after their registration their profile page becomes
www. sitedomain. com / index.php?user=username

But I want to change this to now become
without having to create a physical subdomain directory on the server.

when members visit a subdomain (Example I DON’T want them to be redirected anywhere. At the moment the user profile page link is in the format
www. sitedomain. com / index.php?user=username

So the site would display their membership profile any time their profile page is visited. What I require is for the user profile page to show using the link format

Not to Re-direct them anywhere,

If you take a look at wordpress, wordpress is a membership site where every user has their own personal subdomain name which displays the users profile page
subdomain owned by the person with the username vonwoof
subdomain owned by the person with the username superrobotwar and it points to the persons profile page
subdomain owned by the person with the username otakuartist

Bid reasonably. I am looking for a low cost developer to handle the work

Please give me examples of existing websites You have built a “SUBDOMAIN script” for, (I don’t need to see your entire portfolio) and also a brief explanation of your solution (showing you understand what I require)

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