Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development
I’m a freelance writer launching a huge project. Over the next 10-40 years, I’ll write 2000+ essays in English about kanji (a Japanese script) and post them on downloadable PDFs on a subscription-based website. I am seeking a web designer and developer. The person must know the basics of kanji and have experience in creating Japanese-language-related websites. The person must also be fluent in English.

There will be:
-Static text (3-4 pages) & free content (sample downloads)
-Subscription content (E-commerce): downloadable PDFs
-Community forums
-Searchability: by yomi, JLPT level, kanji, radical, meaning. The PDF content needs to show up in the search results.

Might want to add later:
-Flash content (learning center, games, tests)

I prefer WordPress as the CMS, because I already know how to use it, and I’ll be the one uploading content. But I’m flexible on this matter, and anyway some people have said that WordPress won’t work for this project. I would like your opinion on that.

I’ve uploaded a lot more details in a Word doc. If you’re interested in this project, please contact me, and I can send you a sample PDF.

Please don’t apply unless you know some Japanese and have developed some Japanese-language-related websites.

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