WordPress Property Listing P 2

WordPress Property Listing P 2
I have a webpage: http://sellhomeformore.com that is a Rent to Own website where I need to host properties. We have recently added a property page by turning the “Great Real Estate WordPress Plugin” into a page template. Rather than using the included css, we have decided to style it differently. I need to take the information submitted in the plugin so that the result is a table on the template page. The database has already been created. The table also should include attributes that can be styled in a CSS Stylesheet.

This is where we are: http://sellhomeformore.com/listings/

Here are some sample tables we would like the property table to look like:
http://renttoownforless.com/Properties.cfm?sort=0&pt=3,6 but we would like to include a google maps, have listings sortable, and get buttons on the left where I can add text.

Let me know what you think!

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