I Need Dailly 100 Page Views.

I Need Dailly 100 Page Views.
Hello programmers,
I am new to this freelancing site. I used some other methods to get work from other persons. This is my first time that i have put one of my project on public place.

Ok I need a Person who knows how to drive traffic to the website without any black hat technique.

I have such blogs.
See them.

I want any of them dailly 100 page views for next 1 month.

Payment will be through Paypal.

If you can get this i will give you more work.
If i will satisfy from your work and your performance i will give you more money as well as a work.

So please bid on it.
I need to check everything about that links before bidding.

I don’t need any excuses after selection.

So please write “I read everything” in your PM to me.
Thank you.



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