WordPress Content & Forum Site

WordPress Content & Forum Site
I am looking for someone to design a adult site.
It is mainly an information site where we can post our article/blog everyday.
Also on both sites of the blog, we can add links of different categories, example Gay, Straights, Sex Aid and Medication etc.

We also need a shopping store where you can use the WordPress e-commerce plug in. It is just a simple store where we will be selling few products only.

We also need a forum. A forum using phpBB, VBulletin etc is ok.A forum set up for few categories of talk: straight, homosexual (gay, lesbian, bi, trans), XXX (the real kinkers), Newbies, Old Hats (looking for ways to make it better), Products, Video sharing.

The theme of the site should be professional, something classic like adultdesign dot com/ portfolio / WebSite / femininelust/ home. html.
But not too ‘porn’. Want to have more classic looks.

Hope to have the whole site done in 7 days. The important point is, we have to have the option to make it into a membership site in the near future. That means people will need password to access the forum and some important content.

So basically it is a WordPress site with some plug in.


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