Wp Automatic Posting Tool

Wp Automatic Posting Tool
I need to devise a way to auto post content to my blog using WordPress. Here’s what I need the script/plugin to do:

– you will pass the url of where the news/post is. Most of the content I’ll be working with will be in WordPress blogs as well, but some will not, so I gotta have options. Also will be working with both English and Spanish content.This can be done on a one-at-a-time basis or on a bulk job will be nice too.
– the script must be able to get rid of all unnecessary content (ads, header, footer, sidebars, etc) and extract only the content inside the post, with all existing comments if possible.
– Then it will “publish” all content to the wordpress blog, including images and/or videos and add all necessary info to the db. Once the content has been added it must not ne published immediately but rather go to “Pending Review” state.
– finally it must be able to automatically index to specific social networks/bookmaking sites (tweeter, digg, etc..) which I’ll let you know later.

Considering that WordPress is a script always in development and some of its features might change in future versions, you must be able to provide support if any of these changes causes the script to stop working. I’ll pay accordingly for this support when the time comes.

Payment will be only through Escrow.

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