Convert WordPress Theme

Convert WordPress Theme

I have a developer licence for city guide wordpress theme( and I need to do some changes to the theme.

I need to create in the homepage , 12 positions (side by side),two in the TOP, above the MAP, with high visibility, and the other 10 positions, above.You can see a good example in the site ( , I want to show the listings has they show the products in the Dog-Shop. In the image “Popular choice” , It will show how much each listing payed.

The backofice must give me all the control has a bidding directory.
I also need to make some small changes to some fields.

I need someone with good flexibility, because this is a project that I don´t have the all picture now. I am not english native, but I think that you understand me.

Please , just bid if you know that you can do this. Don´t waste my and your time.

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