WordPress Plugin – Q&a Game 2.

WordPress Plugin – Q&a Game 2.
I need a simple wordpress plugin, like and “arcade” game. No special design required:

It will be a questions and answers game with a scoreboard.

+ Only registered users should be able to play.
+ Should see a question and be able to answer Yes, No or “I Don´t Know”. (these 3 answers should be editable by the admin, providing flexibility for different languages).
+ Points are given according to the answer.
+ If users make X errors the game is over.
+ Or the game will end after all the questions have been answered.
+ They should be able to see the top X results.
+ Scoreboard only shows the higher points of each user.
+ If possible, users should be able to play via handheld.

– Determine how many times an user can play (including “no limit”).
– Create questions (including html support and no word limit) and decide if the correct answer is yes or no.
– There should be a limitless database of questions, freely editable at any time.
– Freeze the game, so no one can play (including the ability to schedule when (time or max points) the game will be freezed).
– Reset score button (with “are you certain…?” question before excluding)
– Select the number of maximum errors before the “game is over”.
– Select how many points (positive or negative) should be given to right, wrong and “I Don´t Know” answers.
– Select how many “top results” users should see.
– Should be able to see and edit all the results by the admin interface.
– Select registered users who should not be able to play.
– Questions should never repeat in the same “game”.
– The game will be shown where a code is present, no matter if in a page or post (like [gamename] ).
– Admin should be capable of selecting between multiple sets of Q&A.
– Admin should be able to use more than one Q&A at the same time on different pages/posts. using something like [gamename1], [gamename2], etc.

**** NOTE ****
This is the second time I place the same project. At the first attempt, the programmer (Srinig) needed to abandon his projects due to personal difficulties, but he was kind and has given me the first 375 lines of code, so I can send you the files in the future if you agree in doing a discount price 🙂 .

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