Fix Press75 Template/wp Squeez

Fix Press75 Template/wp Squeez
Need Customization on this press75 template.

Customization Needed:

* Turn Homepage into a Static Homepage [May be able to provide directions as per creator]. As it is now. Everytime you add a post, the post appears on the frontpage. The most recent post appears first and pushes down the rest. I only want video post to appear on the home page and other posts to appear on a blog. I do not want all the posts to appear on the homepage only video posts. Just like [click on blog]

* Add A Blog Tab [Thesis installed as Blog link. This is needed as homepage will be static. I own Thesis.] I want to still update homepage but only have [specific posts to appear on homepage and all other posts appear under the blog.

*Date added field removed from press75 template

WP Squeeze Page

Socialble Plugin Looks Funny
Need to remove automatic checkmarks that appear from using WP Squeeze Page

Thanks. Need done asap.

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