Logo For Blog & Iphone App

Logo For Blog & Iphone App
I need the following created as a package:
1) I need a logo created for my WordPress blog, it should be a “standard” logo size, in a .jpg or .tif file format and at least 72 DPI
2) I need a smaller version to use as an iPhone application button (probably not the full logo, but something that will identify the user with the blog and vice versa). The App icon must be flat artwork, without rounded corners, that has not been scaled up, and is at least 512×512 pixels (PNG file) and that is at least 72 DPI.
3) I need a “splash screen” image that will be splashed the iPhone app is loaded. This should incorporate the full logo and look like a high quality app splash screen. This must be a .jpg or .tif file that is 320×480 pixels and at least 72 DPI. Note my application operates in Portrait mode (like a book), so the splash screen should be the same, e.g. 320 across, 480 down.
For privacy reasons I will provide the blog URL once I have chosen the designer, though to give you a steer, the blog and site is in English, the title of the site is 4 words and the title will give you a good idea of the market, so should help your creative juices when coming up with an idea for the above.

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