Kubelance Based Application

Kubelance Based Application
I want a professional php developer or company to do the following on my kubeLance based website portal www.lancerscafe.com/freelance

They are as the following:

*I would like you to work on the interface to be quite similar to other portals like freelancer.com and others (GUI amends)

1- The email in the project and PMB:

2- The projects acceptance message:

So I basically need:
A) A message sent to the buyer asking him to escrow the money so that the provider could start working.
B) A message to the provider: asking him NOT to work UNTIL the money is escrowed (and another one when the buyer pays at least to cover our fee).
C) The awarded project to still appear on the projects page with it’s status as ‘awarded to bla bla bla’ and ‘closed’ only when the project is done.

3- The escrow system:
I think that the escrow system should be mandatory not optional. Although it may be already so but we need to acknowledge both parties, either by sending the messages A & B or as a message that appears once the buyer and provider click on ‘accept bid’.

4- I want to install a blog and forum they are already available but they need to be installed after the optimization of the Graphical User
Interface done (GUI amends)

The website portal database, files , blog and forum is hosted on a dedicated server in USA , The account information would be available for the chosen bidder

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