Mp3 Player-bar In Footer

Mp3 Player-bar In Footer
[THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR A SIMPLE MP3 PLAYER! I would like to implement what can be seen on the two sites below, and nothing else]

I have Ajax implemented on my WordPress site. I would like to create an MP3 player that runs in the footer, but will automatically start playing/switch to songs that are played from the main post. For a perfect implementation of this, see I would like to replicate their setup almost exactly (though they are not using WordPress).

They are using JW Player as the main engine for playback. I really need to emphasize that I am not just looking for an MP3 player here. What I am looking for is one that will interactively function with AJAX, so that when the play button next to a different MP3 is clicked, the MP3 playing in the footer will switch to the song that has been called. Again, please look at for the perfect example.

Another example can be seen at, where, at the bottom left, you will see a “Top 10 Artists” list. Each of those has a play button that, when clicked, will dynamically call an MP3 player in the footer (that looks identical to Hypem). Their use of an extra frame to implement this is not ideal. The interface, however, is. You should notice that if you surf around Hypster, the music at the bottom will continue to play until you hit the play button next to another track.

User interface should be similar to that on Hypster or Hypem, in that the bottom bar displays the artist/track title based on the <a href=””> link.

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