WordPress Theme Header Graphic

WordPress Theme Header Graphic
Need customization to a wordpress theme and graphic for logo and header:

The site is at http://startupconsole.com. Here are the specific details:

Want the white space below the top navigation bar and above the header graphic to be gone. Want one grey horizontal line, not both.
Want the header/head banner to be not as high, maybe about 2/3 the height right now.
Need a good graphic for logo/head banner to fit in that space. I like that orange gradient on the background, so something to match. Want tech/internet/startup type of theme for the design/logo. Please do 3 different color/design options so I can choose.
Want a nice favicon to match.
Want the post title to be in the same grey box as the Date and posted in category. Also want that box to be closed on the right hand side (with a grey vertical line).
For some reason, Firefox shows some scripts at the bottom of the page, but it is not a problem in IE or Chrome. Please fix this as well.

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