Backlink Problem

Backlink Problem
Hello everyone,

I’m really at my wits end, and am hoping someone can offer a solution.

After posting a comment on this site:

…my wordpress site has been attracting a TON of backlinks from this particular website, within a matter of days. I posted the comment with the hope of obtaining just one backlink, but now I’m being constantly bombarded with backlinks from this website.

As a result, my site has been penalized and my search engine ranking has plummeted!

A few days ago, I contacted the owner of the above blog and had my comment removed…but my website continues to get backlinks from it.

This whole issue is really frustrating.

What could be the cause for this sudden explosion of links? I only launched my site around a couple weeks ago, and already it’s gotten over 300 backlinks, mainly from the source I mentioned in the first paragraph.

I’ll be honest. I have VERY little technical expertise, though I do maintain and run the site myself. If anyone out there could walk me through this problem in ‘idiot-proof’ language, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot,


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