Slice Psds To WordPress Theme

Slice Psds To WordPress Theme
I have designed every single page of this site in Photoshop. I need someone (or a team) to slice the PSDs and create a WordPress theme.

– Theme files look exactly like the PSD designs
– You will setup a CSS style sheet which defines every style (p, h1, h2, strong, li, ul, etc.)
– Setup the WP admin so that it is extremely easy for admin to edit the pages, without ruining the CSS styles. Sometimes WP page editor loses CSS styles, so I would like to change the admin panel if possible, to lock the text styling
There are 7 links throughout the site that will launch a lightbox popup window. All of the lightboxes are included in the PSD layouts.
– You must be available on Skype and email every day during the project.
– At the beginning of the project, you must send me a development plan, which tells me exactly what work you will be doing each day of the timeline.
– At the end of each day, you must send me a progress report showing what has been accomplished

All of the PSD files are available in a .zip file, however it is 50MB and therefore Scriptlance does not allow me to attach it to this project. I have uploaded it to my FTP server. Please send a message on the PMB if you want a link to download the page layouts.

Attached to this project is a site outline in PDF format. This tells you how many pages there are in the site. It may look like a lot of work, but in reality there are not that many pages.

If you do a great job on this project, then you will be hired for Phase 2 which includes some more additions to the site (database system, paypal payments, and more).

This project is for SERIOUS, PROFESSIONAL developers ONLY! If progress is not made according to the development plan that you send me, the project will be cancelled. That means you have to stay on-time!

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