WordPress Popup Plugin

WordPress Popup Plugin
We want to have a fairly elaborate WordPress plugin created that will enable the site admin to create visually attractive, smooth-working popups on his WP-powered site.

The features we have in mind are as follows:

* Create multiple popups on a site using the same plugin.

* Ability to have popup float over a specific area of:
o the browser (easy);
o the actual website (possible?).

* Can contain any kind of image (single or slideshow), video, WP content, WP widget, HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc.

* Images & videos can be from WP’s built-in media library or remotely linked (videos can also be linked to from video sites such as YouTube, Viddler etc.).

* Can contain any type of form (contact form etc.), and ability to set automatic closure or not after submission. Also the ability to cause site redirection after submission of the form.

* Can add pre- and/or postscripts to popup content.

* Can turn off border.

* Can have transparent background (adjustable from 0% to 100%).

* Can have transparency for both background and content (adjustable from 0% to 100%).

* Can set popup as modal or not.

* Can set popup as draggable or not.

* Can set popup to optionally smoothly scroll down or up as user scrolls the page.

* Can set popup to close automatically after X period of time.

* Can set whether visitor can close popup or not.

* Can limit appearance of popup for time duration or number of browser sessions, or once every x visits by the same visitor.

* Can limit appearance of popup to home page, visitor landing page or certain other page(s).

* Can limit popup by referrer (i.e. Google search etc.).

* Can set popup to show only to logged out or logged in users.

* Must have fluid, adjustable movement during opening & closing.

* Can be opened on page load (time before appearance adjustable), or by clicking a link.

* Care should be taken that this plugin should as far as possible not clash with any other plugins or scripts, and should be widely cross-browser compatible (including at LEAST Firefox and IE).

* Must be compatible with any WP theme as far as possible.

* Admin area should be functional yet modern, making ample use of ajax-type features, space-saving tabbed areas etc.

* Suggestions from coder re additional features or changing of suggested features are welcome.

We aim to have to variants of this plugin made: a lesser version containing only some of the functions (yet really good ones), and a full version containing all functions. We can later discuss, in collaboration with the coder, which functions to leave out or include on the lesser version.

We welcome your bids!

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