WordPress Php Plugin Changes

WordPress Php Plugin Changes
We have a wordpress plugin we have developed and enhanced over the course of 18 months or so.

Now we need additional enhancements made. This project is for an experienced wordpress plugin code to spend around 10 hours of work making changes that we require.

After the 10 hours work has been completed if you have done a good job we can negotiate on you making more extensive changes.

Effectively we want you to bid for 10 hours of work on making changes to a wordpress plugin.

2 hours of this time we will allow for you to learn the plugin, watch install videos, etc.

Then the remaining 8 hours will be working on the changes.

We will provide detailed instructions on what is required, as well as a “test” site for you to test your changes (a wordpress blog), etc.

There will be no specific deliverables for this project. What we do expect is that after the 10 hours, you will have progressed to a solid understanding of the architecture of the plugin and made some minor changes, and be in a position to give more detailed costs for the other enhancements we want to make.

In other words you will know the plugin “inside out”.

Its possible we may choose more than one coder for this project and pay each one, and then offer the ongoing work to the best coder.

There is a LOT of ongoing work we will want to make so you should be able to dedicate hours to this in the future (and be paid for it obviously!).

Please don’t bid unless you know php very well and have solid wordpress plugin experience.

Please also provide specific details of your past experience in both php and wordpress plugins.

Code examples should be provided.

This is an opportunity for you to be part of a large organization and have a lot of future ongoing regular work in a php / wordpress environment.

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