Wp Website Migration Software

Wp Website Migration Software
I need to get an idea on how much and how long it will take to make the following program.

I am looking for: WordPress site Migration(replication,clone) software. HostGator to HostGator

I know this is possible as I used to use one that for some reason lost its function recently.

Key Features:

– This should be web based so I can protect access.

– Able to migrate wp site to same domain on new server. This would be used to transfer websites after I sold them.

– Able to clone site to new domain with all links accessed on new domain. This would used to clone a website to a new URL before I sell it in order to have a copy of it to resell later.

You tell me what input from users is needed. I will tell you what I remember was needed:


FTP Username
FTP Password
WP username
WP Password
New IP address
Old Domain

FTP Username for old domian
FTP Password for old domain
WP username
WP Password
New URL(I think this would be used to edit config file)
FTP Username for new domian
FTP Password for new domain

I am also open to other ideas and methods to make this happen.

Thanks for your time.

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