Custom Design WordPress Plug 2

Custom Design WordPress Plug 2
Please do not bid if you do not know how to create a wordpress plugin from scratch. This is not going to be used on a post or page in wordpress. It will be integrated into the simple.php file of my custom theme. Details Below:

I am looking for someone who can create a slideshow for my template. It must go on the single.php theme file and be a link that someone can click to start the slideshow.

The new plugin would create a slideshow in wordpress. The owner can add the time delay. It should be able to show photos within a category and loop back to the first available image when it gets to the end. It should only show images within that category when showing the slideshow and it needs to work for whatever category is currently being viewed when the slideshow is activated.

It must be a stand alone plugin so that other can use it on their domains. It must work along with the photoQ plugin that I use to create my wordpress powered photography portfolio. The link must work for whatever category the visitor is currently viewing.

Here is a non-wordpress demo of what I am looking for:


If you go to the example:

When you click the right arrow, it takes you to the next image. If you clickit every three seconds… you see all the images in that category. You can click on any of the three categories on the top right to view another category. notice that when you click on an image… you are able to use the right arrow to click through all of the images in that category.

There is a slideshow icon between the two arrows. A visitor should be able to click that arrow and it will automatically scroll through all of the images in that category.

I should be able to add as many images in a category as I wish and create as many categories as i like and that slideshow icon will simply activate the slide show of the existing category.

There should be nothing to do in the admin screen except set the timing of the slideshow in seconds. The rest should work automatically.

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