WordPress Assistance

WordPress Assistance
Hello Everybody,

I need assitance on 2 (work in progress) blogs wordpress of mine.

step by step:

blog A
n°1 disqus plugin is not visible it was before than it disappeared.
n°2 Flickr photo album plugin is giving problems or conflict only on the page where it’s supposed to show the photos

blog B

1. I need something to randomize posts of each category in each cathegory or subcategory page. we need to randomize the posts inside each category or subcategory itself and not to get mixed with the others.

2. I need a way of letting visitors searching by cathegory made with a map of italy like the example I’ll give you on request. Blog B is a portal to search for Bed and Breakfast here in italy.

3. plugin advanced category excluder is not working properly, need to get fixed to esclude from the widget the subcategory.

please quote how much would be your help. consider I do not yet cash in anything from my blogs so I do not have much availability.. thx for your help in advance.


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