Amazon Affiliate Script

Amazon Affiliate Script
Looking for experience Amazon developer.

I would like to build a script similar to
Script should included features such as:

Allow visitors to sort list all products by brands (with how many item listed in bracket), user ratings, price range and simple calendar. Added a few more tabs on the menu bar, links such as related google news and youtube video (either youtube or any other good video provider). Admin area will need an update to be able to edit search categories, topic brands; insert keyword for google news and keyword for video as well.
URLs structure need to be seo friendly too.

This script allow user to customize the site to any Amazon keyword niche from the admin area, & user will be able to insert their amazon assiociate ID & eBay EPN ID.

This script can work as a stand alone site or work as WordPress plugin. Script should be easy to modify topic keyword from one to another.

If you have any idea to add to the script feature, please suggest in PM.

If you want to take a look on my script, please visit: (ignore the comparison feature on this demo site)
Admin login: (click on the copyright symbol on the footer)
username: admin / password: admin

Current features are categories, but have to manually put in one by one which was quite troublesome for me and also the way the script works with the keywords we insert are not quite accurate. Google Adsense implemented in the script as well so that owner can put in their affiliate ID in admin area and get paid. Add to cart feature and check out once visitor done shopping. Admin area for site owner to configure settings such as insert their affiliate ID, keywords editing and contact email.

Lately the content of Amazon products are not showing up anymore as I believe it was because of Amazon have changed their product’s API, would like to fix this error.

You can rewrite the script from scratch if it will be easier than editing from our script. Thank you.

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