Datafeedr/storestacker Clone

Datafeedr/storestacker Clone
Need a CMS to build multiple online shopping stores using affiliate datafeeds with RSS and YouTube information. Needs to have features that are in Storestacker and Datafeedr. Must be able to get datafeeds from CJ, Linkshare, Ebay, Amazon, Google, Ppepperjamnetwork and Shareasale. Website needs a Comparison Shopping features.

CMS will be needed to create/control a Comparison Shopping website and individual online stores (toys, clothing, electronics, etc). I want the CMS to be able to create turnkey sites. All sites need to be SEO, and have common social network features (as in Twitter, FaceBook, etc.) Email newsletter features. Must have controls to not show same store twice (like if it is in CJ and Linkshare – should let me pick). Also, should have control what products show up on homepage and by category page.

Comparison Shopping website should have the same features as Pricegrabber, Dealtime, and Mysimon. Must have a coupon and deal part like Pricegrabber has.

Please provide sample work.

We will own all rights to the code.

You will recommend a new webhosting company that has the software that is needed, free features (free email/newsletter), free traffic, free scripts, etc . Look at a company like

Payment will be at end of contract – or state your terms.

May lead to future large scale work upon successful completion of work and site success.

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