WordPress Website Updates

WordPress Website Updates
Hi All,

I have rather an exciting project here if you guys are interested in Music and Podcasting.

Anyway this is a personal project of mine. 6 months ago i setup an exclusive podcasting website to promote exclusive house music mixes across the world. The site has become a huge success over the last 6 months, and in the month of december we had over 30,000 visitors.

The site has been developed using WordPress, and is using a plugin called “PowerPress” to deliver the podcasts. The template has been purchased as a complete package, which im prepared to have changed.

Ideally i would like to convert the site into a Magazine style of website keeping the existing colours and design elements if possible.

The situation is, its time to take the website to the next level and provide more interaction for our visitors but to also expand into new area’s.

This is the website at the moment. – http://housemusicpodcasts.co.uk/

The site is fairly clean, and works well but we would like to implement a number of new features to the website.

1 – Better visitor profiles i.e. pictures and brief biogs
2 – Ability for registered visitors to only be able to podcast the shows. If the visitor is not registered they can only listen to the shows on the site.
3 – More advertising spaces across the site.
4 – Making the navigation more simpler
5 – Having images and brief descriptions on our artists page (http://housemusicpodcasts.co.uk/artists)
6 – The ability for artists to submit their own tracklistings via the admin pages. i.e. Individual artists will be set to a new user level to accomodate this.
7 – A list of scrolling members who have registered to the website

Other features we would like to have on the home page specifically are the following:

1 – News Articles
2 – competitions
3 – Interviews
4 – Latest Charts
5 – Events

At the moment any post we add to the site, whether it being a podcast or an event comes up with Podcast and itunes subscribe features. The way we have added competitions, and interviews is a bit messy and ideally i would like to improve this. The same applies to the Artists page.

The key thing we need to do is to keep the SEO aspect of the site intact. Our SERP are doing exceptionally well within Google at the moment.

We love the existing template, but would be prepared to make some changes to this to accommodate any new features and improved functionallity.

Im looking forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations going forward.


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