Video Presentation Needed

Video Presentation Needed
I need a video presentation for my site. It will need to be professional, yet exciting. I will also need a professional voice over. I WILL ONLY VIEW BIDS IF YOU PROVIDE PREVIOUS WORK/PORTFOLIO.

I can provide examples upon your request via private message.

I will need the following:

• Professionally written script – this is created in conjunction with me, though will need professional copywriting assistance.

• Professional presenter and/or voice over

• Storyboard – which will show the graphics/words that will accompany the video throughout the script

• Bespoke Video Player – in our company ‘look and feel’ designed to fit exactly into an agreed space on our site

• An Interactive Video player – so people can respond to the video with an email, maybe forward to a friend, tweet the video and so forth.

• Linkages from the video to the rest of our site – for example to our registration page

• Filming, Editing, and Post-Production – we will see the final version of the video prior to implementation and you will make any necessary changes to the words/graphics– as it sometimes only when we see the final production that you realise the words/graphics aren’t quite right.

• Implementation – prepare some HTML code that our webteam merely cuts & pastes into the pre-agreed space on your website. This task should take no more than a couple of minutes.

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