Html Page To Drupal Theme

Html Page To Drupal Theme
Heya, I’m looking for a Drupal web developer / web designer with extensive experience using various technologies including PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/AJAX/JavaScript/XML and various tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc to turn an existing HTML page into a Drupal theme.

I don’t really have the time to do this myself, so I’m posting it here. This shouldn’t be very hard. However, I’m looking RELIABLE person or company capable of decent Drupal work. As I have a lot of work coming up.

Anyway, this job should take no more then 2 days to complete. Theme should be cross-browser compatible with standard compliant code. All forms, text and everything throughout the website is to remain uniform for professionalism.

You must test your template in: Safari v.3, Firefox v.2, v.3, Opera v.9, Google Chrome v.1, Internet Explorer v.6,7,8. It should be search engine optimized, readable and semantically correct.

I am looking for someone who is available to start ****immediately*****, so be precise in your bids as to how long this project will take you.

Good day!

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