Link Building 45 Permanent

Link Building 45 Permanent
Link Building: 45 Permanent One way PR2 and PR3+ Permanent Links from relevant sites

-May lead to future projects for you.

1. Send me a message stating that you specifically understand my PR2+ and relevancy requirements and that you will meet them.

2. Don’t offer me any other services until you specifically bid on WHAT I ASK FOR in my Job Title. I am open to other services since I am busy but only after you address the initial job.

3. Understand I am an SEO but have excess work I am willing to send your way but don’t waste my time as I know SEO very well.

4. When I ask you a question, ANSWER MY QUESTION as asked and within 36 hours.

Forgive me for the all caps. I’m tired of people wasting my time.

I need link building with sites that share the theme of fitness nutrition and bodybuilding supplements.
45 total links PR2 and HIGHER required from bodybuilding and fitness nutrition sites. PR0 and PR1 are UNACCEPTABLE.

30 links must be PR2+. The remaining 15 of those links must be PR3+. I will provide the anchor text.

Pages must have been cached by Google within the last 30 days.

1. WHITE HAT ONLY! No black hat or grey hat techniques allowed. No cloaking, banned sites, articles submission, spam sites, scraped content sites, mirror sites, or sites overrun with contextual advertising and pop ups. Links must be manually submitted ONLY. No use of automated software of any kind.

2. No links from blog comments, article directories, link farms, forums, blog farms, classifieds, directories, social bookmarks, profiles of social sites, spam sites, link directories, link exchange, guest books, web rings, gambling, dating, x-rated adult, violence, sex, hatred, hacker, warez, directory submissions, blacklist/banned sites from Google or by using any other spamming method. No ping sites, no links within newsgroups, yahoo groups. No links from websites with a google ban or google penalty.

3. All links must be search engine friendly – no redirects, no javascripts, cloaking, frames, etc. No hidden links. No meta tag CONTENT=”NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW” or robots tag excluded link pages. No Flash sites or pages. All links must be visible, readable & indexable. Text links only with no graphics. No rel=nofollow links in the HTML. No Pages blocked by robots.txt.

4. Links must be on English language United States of America sites only.

5. Only links from relevant sites will be accepted. The links must be added at a maximum rate of 3 links per day.

6. Links must be do-follow and must be one way. Links must not be labeled sponsored, links, ads etc.

7. ALL links must be submitted manually, and one link per domain. No use of automated software.

8. Each link MUST reside on a separate domain and be from a different C-Class IP.

9. Links must be active, permanent with no expiration dates and must not need any additional payments. No more than 20 outbound links per page on which links are placed.

10. Links should contain the target anchor text and titles, link pages must be themed to the anchor text being used.

11. Link page must be indexed and cached by major search engines (30 days back max, no cached a year back pages). No drop domains either that have not passed the page rank yet and not cached. No fake PR sites (I will check).

12. Only use general or sponsored Top Level Domains. No free hosting websites.

13. Linked sites must be in production and active. (Developed and not under construction).

14. Links must be coming from bodybuilding and fitness nutrition types of sites and must not violate that site’s Terms & Conditions, Conditions of Use, etc.

15. Links must be on pages that do not contain an overwhelming number of other similar do follow links.

16. No links from directories unless specifically related to our industry.

-You will need to provide me with the following spreadsheet after 7 days from beginning the project to help me stay informed of your link building efforts. I reserve the right not to accept a particular link.

• Site Name
• Site Type
• Site PR
• URL Page PR
• Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink)
• IP address
• Anchor Text
• Last date page cached by Google

-Please submit samples of sites or locations you expect to use with bid. If possible give me some samples of websites you’ve successfully built links for.

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