Graphic Creation…

Graphic Creation…
Hello this will very easy for somebody who knows what they’re doing.

I’m looking for you to create a picture similar in size and content to the picture currently up at that reads “National Signing Day”.

I’ve attached a picture in case it changes by the time you get there.

You may need to go search picture websites and send me links to check out of appropriate pictures you find (which I will purchase for you if they’re correct).

-I would like a similar full stadium effect that is in the background.
-I would also like athletes (at least one man and one woman) in the same sort of pose where the camera is looking up at them to give that “epic” feel to the picture.
-I will need you to replace the wording on “national signing day” to something I give you.

** You must send me the links or show me the pics of the athletes you’re considering to use (OR DO NOT PLACE A BID).

Thank you.

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