Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design
I need two book cover designs. 1 is for an 8 x 10 book. The other one is for a 7 x 10 book. I am attaching a template with instructions for both. I am also attaching a sample book cover (the content will be similar- title, author in front; course description, course objectives and who should buy the book at the back).

The book cover should not contain any picture/ photo of a human being. It should not contain any image that is not royalty free. I will need samples of your previous work.

The final product will be 2 psd files (editable: meaning they are created using photoshop not other program then converted) and 2 pdf files (10 – 40 MB).

If you used fonts that I do not have, I would also need the font sent to me for editing purposes.

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