Re-vamp Website

Re-vamp Website
I’m looking for someone to re-vamp my website:

I want something that makes people want to buy; and the website needs to be fun; cool; attractive etc. Please provide websites you’ve designed.

What’s really important is that I want to be able to upload my daily deals (Pictures with short description and price info) every day, which I would need you to teach me (or someone you know).

Customers can NOT buy from the site so I don’t need a cart. Customers sent me an email when they want one of the deals that’s posted.

Can you tell me:
a. which sites you’ve done
b. how much it would be to re-do mine
c. how long it would take to re-do the site?
d. Also would the changes make my host charge me more? And
e. can you teach me how to upload daily deal (replace with the ones from the
day before) and
f. how much does something like that cost?
g. How long would it take me to learn?

Looking forward to your replies.

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