Narrators For The Holy Bible

Narrators For The Holy Bible
Nine months ago, I began listening to Bible recordings every day. One to two hours per day. Since that time, I have seen quite a large number of amazing miracles in my life. Prior to that time, I never had any such experiences.

The Bible recordings I purchased are expensive. Around $42 or so.

Hence came the idea for this project below. To make Bible recordings freely available to anyone who wants them. And, to have each book of the Bible read from people from different countries around the world.

We are looking to hire 26 narrators to read the Holy Bible, and to record it as mp3 files.

We will hire one Christian narrator per book in the New Testament. (List of books of the New Testament provided down below.) We will be using the New King James version. We want each narrator to be from a different country around the world.

Your role will be to read the book assigned to you in a clear, pleasant voice. Your accent needs to be able to be understood by others. Project warmth while reading. Use vocal variety and emphasis (avoid monotone).

More information will soon be posted at:

Email us for more information:
[email protected]

What we want from you to bid:
full name
picture of you
brief testimony (one paragraph is fine for now)
name of your city and country where you CURRENTLY reside full-time
name of the curch you attend, name of the pastor, and how long you have been going there
your bid amount (for 10 chapters)
(yes/no) do you have access to recording software (mp3 format only)
reasons why you are interested in this project

(yes/no) if selected, can you send us a sample of your mp3 record so that we can hear your style of speaking (good English and clarity is important; no English accents that are too hard to be understood by most people)

(yes/no) if selected, can you later make a video of yourself giving testimony (video is not needed right now for the bid)

VERY IMPORTANT: Your bid amount will be for you recording ten chapters.

So if we assign you the book of Matthew, that book has 28 chapters. You would be paid bid x 2.8 So if your bid is $5 per 10 chapters, you would be paid $14.

Must be a Christian to participate in this project.

We want each of the narrators to be from different countries around the world. One narrator per country. You must be currently living and residing full-time in that country.

You will need to have access to software to record yourself reading each chapter of the book you are assigned to. The software you use must be able to record mp3 files. (We do not want to have to try to find software to convert your files into mp3 formats.)

Each file will be from each chapter. So, if the book you are assigned to has 23 chapters in it, you will be sending us 23 of these mp3 files for each chapter.

The recordings will later be made available for free on the internet to anyone who wants to download them and listen to them.

At some point, we want to add music and sound effects to these recordings. That will not be done until later on at some point down the road.

We will want a picture of you, plus your Christian testimony. (In order to be considered, we will want a brief testimony of one paragraph. Later on, after accepted, we will want a longer testimony of about 500 – 700 words. Or longer, if you wish.)

After being accepted for this project, we would really love to get a brief video of you giving your testimony as well. We will post your video testimony with the download section on the website, as well as on the DVD that will be made freely available.

There are 200,000 churches in the United States. We have a database of all of these churches. When all of the recordings are done, we will be sending out an announcement to these churches telling them of the free recordings available for download.

IP address will be used to verify the country in which you live in. (Oddly enough, we’ve had some folks say they live in one country, and the IP address revealed they lived in some totally different country.)

Please be sincere and genuine.

Let us know your bid amount and estimate of turn around time.

Important: Your spoken English must be clear, professional and easily understood without a very heavy accent. (Minor accents are fine, of course, as long as the general populace can understand you.)

Note: This project is being posted as a Featured Project. This means that you can send us your contact information as per Scriptlance’s rules and guidelines. Unfortunately, however, you will not gain a feedback or rating through Scriptlance as we need to cut costs. (Otherwise we would be charged $5 x 26 narrators).

Books of the New Testament:
Gospel According to Matthew
Gospel According to Mark
Gospel According to Luke
Gospel According to John
Acts of the Apostles
Epistle to the Romans
First Epistle to the Corinthians
Second Epistle to the Corinthians
Epistle to the Galatians
Epistle to the Ephesians
Epistle to the Philippians
Epistle to the Colossians
First Epistle to the Thessalonians
Second Epistle to the Thessalonians
First Epistle to Timothy
Second Epistle to Timothy
Epistle to Titus
Epistle to Philemon
Epistle to the Hebrews
Epistle of James
First Epistle of Peter
Second Epistle of Peter
First Epistle of John
Second Epistle of John
Third Epistle of John
Epistle of Jude

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