Web Email Service Provider

Web Email Service Provider
Dear all,

I dont know if this can be done. I want to set up a free web-based email service provider that will allow users to register an email on my website. i.e hotmail, gmail, etc. For example if my website is www.test.com, then their email address will be name AT test.com.
The users can access their email from my website (read, forward, reply..etc) -online.
Another service that i would like to provide is for users to be able to set up a homepage on my website. (index.html as the first page).
for example if user ‘paul’ want to publish a homepage through my website, then his url will be www.test.com/paul or www.test.com/pau/index.htm
I know this is a big project but i would accept any sensible offers.
Please provide me with a template or sample if you have one.

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