Coldfusion Issue 7

Coldfusion Issue 7
I’m breaking this project down into parts. It’s coldfusion work.

I’m willing to pay $45 for this work to done. My client has a cms system already made and working. He wants the people using his template system to have dynamic stylesheet and be able to upload their logos.

Here’s what he says:

Right now each new site using the merced theme created from the merced directory in the default site.. Each theme and each new client gets their own style sheet. Right now when I sign up a new site.. The first thing I have to do is download it and change the logo to their logo manually. Then I have to change the height and width of the logo in the style sheet.

Then for further customization I change the primary nav background in the style sheet to either a color or an image, I change the default hyperlink color, I change the form button background color, etc..etc..etc.. I’m asking that you make those things dynamic so the customer can change them themselves using swatch pop ups for colors and browse buttons for images.

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