Site To Sell Our Rap Beats

Site To Sell Our Rap Beats
We are looking for a full out website we can use to sell our rap beats. We have the domain name and hosting already. Here are some specs to our site that we were hoping to receive. WE ARE NEW TO THIS SO WE NEED SOMEONE THAT CAN CLEARLY HELP US ALONG THE WAY!!!

We would want a squeeze page that says first name, email and a password. Also on the squeeze page, there must be a sample of some different beats that begin playing once the page is opened. It has to state that we have worked with hundreds of artist from around the globe and have sold over 1200 beats worldwide. Write some juicy things to get people attracted to going onto the page.

Once logged in, there must be a main page with a professionally designed logo and something stating our production teams name, Basement Productions. Also on the main page must be links to the other pages. We would like for there to be a page to lease our beats, a page to buy our beats exclusively, a contact us page, an about us page, and a FAQ page (in no particular order).

On the two Beat pages, there should be a description of what a lease is, and a description of what exclusive rights are. There should also be a filter that lets you choose between the different genres of our beats. Our genres can be put into these subsections : Dirty South, Chopped and Screwed, East Coast, Hip-Hop, West Coast, Hardcore, Vibe, and R&B. Beats will be $10.99 each for leases and vary for exclusives. Please try to make the music player as easily accessible as possible.

On the Contact Us page, we would like for it to be easy to send a message to an email account linked to our website. Once the send button is clicked, it should continue to a page that says something to the effect – thank you your message has been sent and will be read and responded to within the next 24 hours.

On the About Us and the FAQs pages, we were wondering if it would be possible that we could fill in our own information. If you would want I could write out everything that we would like to be said, but I believe that it would be easier if we did that on our own time.

Any professional input would be great. If something sounds like it could be better than the way I put it then say something. Thanks a lot everyone!!!

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