Video Game Live Stream Website

Video Game Live Stream Website
Video Game Live Stream Website


This project is to create live streaming channels to users. A channel should be like so:

Sign up Process (Part 1/2)

A user should register on my site and receive the following:

–A channel page:

–A customizable profile: So comments can be placed onto a users profile. All users registered should be able to comment on their profile and make friends. The profile should allow profile pictures/avatars, and links to their facebook and twitter. It should also allow custom slots for gamertags (More on this when selected)

Sign up Process (Part 2/2)

–Once registered, the user should have also been registered at
–This process creates the user a channel on
–That channel (from has an embed code to which the player will be supplied to the user’s editable channel at
–The user can now save his/her profile and view it at to find something like:

Conclusion of signup: User registers on my site, and the application automatically creates an account on To which the user then receives their unique embed code. They then save it to their profile and is viewable livestream.

While they register, they are given their login and password via email, and the already supplied client to stream with.


These embedded channels should be defined as ‘Live’ if they are live.
And Offline if they are not live.

This makes it easier for the guests to find “LIVE” streams, and not just some embedded players.

There should be areas on the site like:
–Recently Added Channels
–Popular Channels
–Featured channels

The site should look similar to in a sense of the Showcased livestreams


The site should look similar to and (Regarding their colours and theme for buttons etc) Not necessarily layout.


Users should be able to search. It can be similar to the above sites.

The look and feel of the site should feel like a video site/livestream.
The overall website should be updatable, so in the future if proven to be succesful further enhancements can be made.

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