New-ish Jxpx Website

New-ish Jxpx Website
We are moving the pages to their own domain and all of the content about the projectxecute product.

Please use as your basis and adjust it to meet the following criteria:

Our server farm Runs on Red Hat

we want a real CMS that is Python friendly like Plone or Drupal for approval workflow

Remove PX Hardware Reqs link in the left sidebar

Remove the “Request More Information” link at the bottom of the
right sidebar

Figure out a way to make the yellow “New” box at the top right
corner stand out more or more exciting

Figure out a way to make the “Successful Customer” logos more

Suggest changes to the navigation and content to improve usability
and the look & feel of the site.

Do not change anything about our web to lead form integration
(keep code as is).

We need to have different areas of content on the new site managed by different people, PR/news by one, structure of the site by
another, content of inner pages by another. Navigation and look and feel should not be jarringly dissimilar to the main site.

available backend DB is postgresql

Where: The URL will be

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